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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Pike County in the state of Pennsylvania
Delaware Township

Page 68

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
68A11VANAUKEN, Aaronm51PA 
68A21VANAUKEN, Maryf50PA 
68A31VANAUKEN, Jane Ef26PA 
68A41VANAUKEN, Jacob Lm23PA 
68A51VANAUKEN, Abrahamm21PA 
68A62VANETTEN, Robertm32PA 
68A72VANETTEN, Elizabethf30NY 
68A82VANETTEN, Emma Cf5PA 
68A92VANETTEN, Lydia Af4PA 
68A102VANETTEN, Corneliusm1PA 
68A112STROUSE, Eliza Af11PA 
68A123VANETTEN, Danlm69PA 
68A133VANETTEN, Catharinef70PA 
68A143VANETTEN, Oliver Pm28PA 
68A153VANETTEN, Phoebef26PA 
68A163VANETTEN, Corneliaf24PA 
68A174VANETTEN, Corneliusm67PA 
68A184VANETTEN, Annf71NJ 
68A194VANETTEN, Pollyf37PA 
68A204VANETTEN, Katy Annf32PA 
68A214VANETTEN, Amandaf23PA 
68A224CORTRIGHT, Henrym17PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
68A235VANETTEN, Solomonm63PA 
68A245VANETTEN, Danl Am36PA 
68A255VANETTEN, Dorothyf26PA 
68A265VANETTEN, Emanuelm24PA 
68A275VANETTEN, Eliza Janef15PA 
68A286VANETTEN, Danl Em42PA 
68A296VANETTEN, Lucindaf39PA 
68A306VANETTEN, Mariaf18PA 
68A316VANETTEN, Johnm16PA 
68A326VANETTEN, Catharinef13PA 
68A336VANETTEN, Marthaf5PA 
68A346VANETTEN, Hannah Jf3PA 
68A356VANETTEN, Catharinef68NJ 
68A367VANGORDEN, Andrewm67NJ 
68A377VANGORDEN, Elizabethf63NJ 
68A387VANGORDEN, Matilda Jf12PA 
68A398ADAMS, Andrewm67NJ 
68A408ADAMS, Elizabethf63NJ 
68A418CUMMINGS, Janef20NJ 
68A428HALSEY, Canielm12PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
68B19BROWN, Garret Bm42PA 
68B29BROWN, Mariaf30PA 
68B39BROWN, Mary Annf16PA 
68B49BROWN, Williamm11PA 
68B59BROWN, Ansonm5PA 
68B69BROWN, Johnm9/12PA 
68B79CORTRIGHT, Danlm55PA 
68B810STELL, Gilbertm38PA 
68B910STELL, Elizabethf29NJ 
68B1010STELL, Irenaf8PA 
68B1110STELL, Emelinef6PA 
68B1210STELL, Eliasm4PA 
68B1310STELL, Zunasf2PA 
68B1411BRODHEAD, Wm Fm42PA 
68B1511BRODHEAD, Jane Df41PA 
68B1611BRODHEAD, C Corneliaf17PA 
68B1711BRODHEAD, Jamesm15NY 
68B1811BRODHEAD, Danielm13NY 
68B1911BRODHEAD, Mary Janef11NY 
68B2011BRODHEAD, William Fm8PA 
68B2111BRODHEAD, Eliza Ef1PA 
68B2211CRAVELS, Janef24PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
68B2311PIRNE, Annf24PA 
68B2411GLOVE, Emilyf6PA 
68B2511FRANRUE ?, Hiramm15PA 
68B2612CUMMINS, Williamm32NJ 
68B2712CUMMINS, Huldaf30PA 
68B2812CUMMINS, Albertm6PA 
68B2912CUMMINS, Georgem3PA 
68B3012CUMMINS, Johnm1/12PA 
68B3113BRINK, Eli Km37PA 
68B3213BRINK, Juliannf34PA 
68B3313BRINK, Catharine Ff7PA 
68B3413BRINK, Eleanorf5PA 
68B3513BRINK, Dorothyf8/12PA 
68B3613WHITMAN, Phebe Janef16NJ 
68B3714LATTEMORE, Josephm34PA 
68B3814LATTEMORE, Hannahf29PA 
68B3914LATTEMORE, Mary Annf6PA 
68B4014LATTEMORE, Elizabethf4PA 
68B4114LATTEMORE, Susanf2PA 
68B4214CARHUFF, Samlm20PA 

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