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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Pike County in the state of Pennsylvania
Dingman Township

Page 60

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
60A11THRALL, Samuel Tm56NJ 
60A21THRALL, Cynthiaf50PA 
60A31THRALL, Daleshaf22PA 
60A41THRALL, Charlesm17PA 
60A51THRALL, Emmaf14PA 
60A61THRALL, Francesf12PA 
60A71THRALL, Ralphm10PA 
60A81THRALL, Samuel Sm8PA 
60A91THRALL, Williamm2PA 
60A102WHITAKER, Thomasm46England 
60A112WHITAKER, Nancyf39NJ 
60A122WHITAKER, Effief9PA 
60A132WHITAKER, Elizabethf5PA 
60A143CRAWFORD, William Cm32NJ 
60A153CRAWFORD, Juliannf31NY 
60A163CRAWFORD, Olivef11PA 
60A173CRAWFORD, Charles Rm9PA 
60A183CRAWFORD, Alanson Lm7PA 
60A193CRAWFORD, Martha Ef4PA 
60A203CRAWFORD, Georgem2PA 
60A214DAVIS, Thomasm50NY 
60A224DAVIS, Elizabethf55NJ 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
60A234HORTON, Ruella Jf12NJ 
60A245MCCARTY, Phillipm45PA 
60A255MCCARTY, Rachaelf46PA 
60A265MCCARTY, Margaretf1PA 
60A275MCCARTY, Amandaf17PA 
60A286ARMSTRONG, Thosm60Ireland 
60A296ARMSTRONG, Margaretf50Ireland 
60A306ARMSTRONG, Thomas Lm18NY 
60A316MCNICHOLS, Eleanorf46Ireland 
60A327GOUSSETT, Annief45France 
60A337GOUSSETT, Catharinef45France 
60A347GOUSSETT, Ainmem18France 
60A357GOUSSETT, Francesf18France 
60A367GOUSSETT, Maryf14France 
60A378SUITOR, Jamesm70NJ 
60A388SUITOR, Sophiaf64NJ 
60A399BRINK, Williamm60NJ 
60A409BRINK, Lauraf50PA 
60A419BRINK, Adeliaf22PA 
60A429BRINK, Jamesm20PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
60B19BRINK, Opheliaf28PA 
60B29BRINK, Solomonm18PA 
60B39BRINK, Luther Cm14PA 
60B49BRINK, Thomas Om11PA 
60B510PARRY, Jacobm72France 
60B610PARRY, Susanf39France 
60B710PARRY, Richardm18NY 
60B810PARRY, Louisaf13PA 
60B911JUNEAUX, Johnm60France 
60B1011JUNEAUX, Catharinef55France 
60B1111JUNEAUX, Catharinef20France 
60B1211JUNEAUX, Segarm11PA 
60B1311JUNEAUX, Escuadelf17France 
60B1411CANAUKEN ?, Francisf30France 
60B1512PRAS, Alexanderm34France 
60B1612PRAS, Charlottef33France 
60B1712PRAS, Alexanderm9PA 
60B1812PRAS, Lewism7PA 
60B1912PRAS, Josephm6PA 
60B2012PRAS, Michelm4PA 
60B2112PRAS, Catharinef1PA 
60B2213LAURENT, Johnm44France 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
60B2313LAURENT, Hannahf29PA 
60B2413LAURENT, Victor Pm12PA 
60B2513LAURENT, James Rm9PA 
60B2613LAURENT, John Wm5PA 
60B2713LAURENT, Mary Ef3/12PA 
60B2813MAGUE, Francism28France 
60B2914HANNAH, Robertm52PA 
60B3014HANNAH, Elizabethf42PA 
60B3114HANNAH, James Bm22PA 
60B3214HANNAH, Elim14PA 
60B3314HANNAH, Johnm12PA 
60B3414HANNAH, George Wm9PA 
60B3514HANNAH, Williamm6PA 
60B3614HANNAH, Robertm2PA 
60B3715MCCARTY, Jacobm45PA 
60B3815MCCARTY, Catharinef44NJ 
60B3915MCCARTY, Uriahm26PA 
60B4015MCCARTY, Mary Cf21PA 
60B4115MCCARTY, Sarah Ef18PA 
60B4215MCCARTY, Johnm16PA 

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