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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Pike County in the state of Pennsylvania
Milford Township

Page 6

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
6A11DEWITT, Henrym36NY 
6A21DEWITT, Elizabethf23CT 
6A31GRIGGS, Sophiaf14CT 
6A41DEWITT, Orillaf4PA 
6A51DEWITT, George Wm2PA 
6A61DEWITT, Corneliaf2/12PA 
6A71BASSETT, Ann Ef20NY 
6A81DRAKE, Em23PA 
6A91DRAKE, Wm Hm28PA 
6A102ARMSTRONG, Miltonm35NY 
6A112ARMSTRONG, Eleanorf28PA 
6A132ARMSTRONG, Georgem5PA 
6A142ARMSTRONG, Adeliaf3PA 
6A152ARMSTRONG, Jamesm1PA 
6A162BONNELL, Charityf50NJ 
6A173TIBBITT, Benjaminm56PA 
6A183TIBBITT, Jemeniaf53NJ 
6A193TIBBITT, Samuelm23PA 
6A203TIBBITT, Josephm19PA 
6A213TIBBITT, Elizabethf21PA 
6A224ABERS, Benjaminm49NJ 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
6A234ABERS, Marshalm22PA 
6A244AKERS, Cornelikusm4NJ 
6A255HAINES, Adamm43France 
6A265HAINES, Sarahf25NJ 
6A275HAINES, Mary Ef5PA 
6A285HAINES, Johnm3PA 
6A295HAINES, Peterm1PA 
6A305HAINES, Peter Jrm38France 
6A316HOFFMAN, John cm33Germany 
6A326HOFFMAN, Mary Lf22NY 
6A336HOFFMAN, Peterm4NY 
6A346HOFFMAN, Annaf2NY 
6A357BROOKS, John Wm47PA 
6A367BROOKS, Permeliaf37NJ 
6A377BROOKS, Hyea Annf17NJ 
6A387BROOKS, Elizabethf12NJ 
6A397BROOKS, Charlottef8PA 
6A407BROOKS, Henrym8PA 
6A417BROOKS, Adalif5PA 
6A427BROOKS, Jamesm2PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
6B18DEWITT, Jacob Wm35PA 
6B28DEWITT, Susan Annf31PA 
6B38DEWITT, Williamm9PA 
6B48DEWITT, Elen Janef7PA 
6B59MATTHEWS ?, Eliza Tf64PA 
6B69MATTHEWS ?, Theodosiaf25PA 
6B79MATTHEWS ?, John Em15PA 
6B89MATTHEWS ?, Mary Af13PA 
6B99MATTHEWS ?, Ann Bf3PA 
6B109MATTHEWS ?, Sarah Af1PA 
6B1110GOODING, Johnm60England 
6B1210GOODING, Maryf63England 
6B1310GOODING, Henrym30England 
6B1410GOODING, Ameliaf27England 
6B1510WHITE, Isabellaf17England 
6B1611BARNES, Henrym50PA 
6B1711BARNES, Phebe Annf37PA 
6B1811BARNES, L Fm19PA 
6B1911BARNES, Virgina Wf17PA 
6B2011BARNES, Amanda Rf12PA 
6B2111BARNES, Hirtensef7PA 
6B2211BARNES, Marthaf3PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
6B2311BARNES, Britton Am11/12PA 
6B2412NEWMAN, Thomas Jm43PA 
6B2512NEWMAN, Louisie Annf32PA 
6B2612NEWMAN, Mason Dm10PA 
6B2712NEWMAN, Mariaf5PA 
6B2812NEWMAN, Marthaf3PA 
6B2912NEWMAN, Walterm1PA 
6B3013CORTRIGHT, Jamesm42NJ 
6B3113CORTRIGHT, Eleanorf39NJ 
6B3213CORTRIGHT, Phebe Wf18NJ 
6B3313CORTRIGHT, Augustaf16NJ 
6B3413CORTRIGHT, Lornaf15NJ 
6B3513CORTRIGHT, Mary Francesf13PA 
6B3613CORTRIGHT, Eleanerf11PA 
6B3713CORTRIGHT, George Fm8PA 
6B3813CORTRIGHT, Daniel Cm4PA 
6B3913CORTRIGHT, John Wm2PA 
6B4013CORTRIGHT, Isaac Em25NJ 
6B4114BIDDES, Geom34PA 
6B4214BIDDES, Virginaf29PA 

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