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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Pike County in the state of Pennsylvania
Palmyra Township

Page 54

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
54A11CROMWELL, Jamesm26NY 
54A21CROMWELL, Iseabelaf25PA 
54A31TARBURTON, Johnm50Germany 
54A41LOWERY, Patrickm19Ireland 
54A51TALMADGE, Samuelm26PA 
54A61PRAIL, Anthonym25Ireland 
54A71RIFE, Adolphusm30Germany 
54A81SMUTIA ?, Frederickm50Germany 
54A91STEARNS, Robertm25Germany 
54A101HOWELL, Johnm30Ireland 
54A112STORBAND, James Pm37NH 
54A122STORBAND, Jewethf26PA 
54A132STORBAND, Marietta Df8PA 
54A142STORBAND, John Mm7PA 
54A152STORBAND, George Mm5NY 
54A162STORBAND, Howell Gm2NY 
54A172STORBAND, Lucindaf1/12PA 
54A183CLEVELAND, Edwardm44NY 
54A193CLEVELAND, Mariaf22PA 
54A203CLEVELAND, Francism6PA 
54A213CLEVELAND, Rosannaf6/12PA 
54A223WILLIAMS, Rosannaf67CT 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
54A234KIMBLE, Warrenm37PA 
54A244KIMBLE, Elizabethf35PA 
54A254KIMBLE, Elizaf12PA 
54A264KIMBLE, Amandaf10PA 
54A274KIMBLE, Adalinef8PA 
54A284KIMBLE, Williamm6PA 
54A294KIMBLE, Johnm3PA 
54A304KIMBLE, Webbm1PA 
54A314BRINK, Thosm21PA 
54A324QUICK, Electaf20PA 
54A335ROSENKRANCE, Abnerm36PA 
54A345ROSENKRANCE, Ameliaf31PA 
54A355ROSENKRANCE, Edwardm4PA 
54A365ROSENKRANCE, Georgem2PA 
54A376QUICK, Samlm28PA 
54A386QUICK, Janef28PA 
54A396QUICK, Lewism5PA 
54A406QUICK, Thomas Lm3PA 
54A416QUICK, Sarah Tf1/12PA 
54A426MASTEN, Phebe Annf26PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
54B17DECKER, Johnm39PA 
54B27DECKER, Sybelf36PA 
54B37DECKER, Ellen Lf17PA 
54B47DECKER, Ryas T ?m14PA 
54B57DECKER, Emily Jf4PA 
54B67GEORGE, John Wm37VT 
54B87PULLET, Albertm25PA 
54B97COLE, Williamm20PA 
54B107HALL, Elizabethf19PA 
54B117HALL, Johnm24PA 
54B128EDWARDS, Henrym41PA 
54B138EDWARDS, Carolinef36PA 
54B148EDWARDS, Harrietf13PA 
54B158EDWARDS, Annf9PA 
54B168EDWARDS, Byronm7PA 
54B178EDWARDS, Susan Ef5PA 
54B188EDWARDS, Arthurm2PA 
54B199STEARNS, Henry Lm38NH 
54B209STEARNS, Lydia Cf33PA 
54B219STEARNS, Nancy If9PA 
54B229STEARNS, John Tm8PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
54B239STEARNS, Margaret Lf5PA 
54B249HUNT, Hannahf20PA 
54B2510SCHOONOVER, Jessem30PA 
54B2610SCHOONOVER, Lucyf25PA 
54B2710SCHOONOVER, Adalaidef4PA 
54B2811TAFT, Thomas Ym31NY 
54B2911TAFT, Diannaf27PA 
54B3011TAFT, Mary Af3PA 
54B3111TAFT, Zenina J ?f1/12PA 
54B3211TAFT, Sarahf60NY 
54B3311ROCKWELL, Jamesm33PA 
54B3411ROCKWELL, Sarahf27PA 
54B3511BRINK, Simeonm35PA 
54B3611CARHUFF, Margaretf14PA 
54B3711CARHUFF, Johnm18PA 
54B3811ROTEN, Henrym21PA 
54B3911TAFT, Theodorem21NY 
54B4012WELLS, Jacobm61NY 
54B4112WELLS, Elizabethf50PA 
54B4212WELLS, Elizabethf16PA 

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