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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Pike County in the state of Pennsylvania
Lackawaxen Township

Page 36

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
36A11BRADY, Robertm32Ireland 
36A21BRADY, Annf27NY 
36A31BRADY, Maryf5/12NY 
36A42QUILL, Johnm30Ireland 
36A52QUILL, Maryf20Ireland 
36A62BRADY, Maryf70Ireland 
36A72QUILL, Maryf2/12PA 
36A82BRADY, Maryf22Ireland 
36A93MCCOY, Timothym30Ireland 
36A103MCCOY, Catharinef25Ireland 
36A113MCCOY, Johnm2/12PA 
36A124HEATON, Timothym41NY 
36A134HEATON, Jane Rf36NY 
36A144BASSETT, Danl Em36NY 
36A154RUNDLE, Thosm23Ireland 
36A164MUCH, Dwightm26MA 
36A174MUCH, Jamesm23MA 
36A184WHEELER, Hiramm23NY 
36A194MOULD, Hiramm26NY 
36A204BLYLEY, Stephenm23Germany 
36A215GURJON, Jabezm36NY 
36A225GURJON, Catharinef23Germany 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
36A235GURJON, Maryf15NY 
36A245GURJON, Alonzom8NY 
36A256CLARK, Josephm37NY 
36A266CLARK, Maryf26NY 
36A276CLARK, Joseph Wm8NY 
36A286CLARK, Sally Mf6NY 
36A296CLARK, Mary Af4NY 
36A306CLARK, Daniel Tm1/12PA 
36A317RILEY, Jamesm27NJ 
36A327RILEY, Lucindaf17NJ 
36A337RILEY, Janef1/12PA 
36A347MACH, Jamesm25NY 
36A358BROSS, Mosesm57PA 
36A368BROSS, Janef55PA 
36A378BROSS, Phineas Cm22PA 
36A388BROSS, Jane Af19PA 
36A398BROSS, Edwardm17PA 
36A408BROSS, Ira Bm14PA 
36A418BROSS, Charles Em11PA 
36A428FRAZIER, Annf14Ireland 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
36B19CLARK, Williamm24Ireland 
36B29CLARK, Ellenf19Ireland 
36B39CLARK, Mary Af10/12PA 
36B49GREEN, Jamesm26Ireland 
36B59FLANERTY, Philipm25Ireland 
36B69FLANERTY, Williamm20Ireland 
36B79HAWHOW, Peterm21Ireland 
36B810MCGELLING, Johnm25Ireland 
36B910MCGELLING, Maryf23Ireland 
36B1011BRANNING, Patrickm32Ireland 
36B1111BRANNING, Annf25Ireland 
36B1212HORNBECK, Jasonm35PA 
36B1312HORNBECK, Rebeccaf30PA 
36B1412HORNBECK, Jamesm4PA 
36B1512HORNBECK, Catharine Ef6PA 
36B1612HORNBECK, Mary Ef1PA 
36B1713CALAGAN, Johnm44Ireland 
36B1813CALAGAN, Jamesm20Ireland 
36B1913CALAGAN, Alicef40Ireland 
36B2013CALAGAN, Alicef16Ireland 
36B2114WHEELER, Nicholasm66CT 
36B2214WHEELER, Harrietf54NJ 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
36B2314BRINK, Wm Hm30PA 
36B2415WILLIAMSON, John Mm32NY 
36B2515WILLIAMSON, Ellenf22PA 
36B2615WILLIAMSON, Georgem4PA 
36B2715WILLIAMSON, Johnm2PA 
36B2815WILLIAMSON, Katef2/12PA 
36B2915PELTON, Sarahf14PA 
36B3016GOLLUP, Parrichm27Ireland 
36B3116GOLLUP, Christianf18Ireland 
36B3217RIDGWAY, Thos Jm40PA 
36B3317RIDGWAY, Lucyf38PA 
36B3417RIDGWAY, Warren Rm14PA 
36B3517RIDGWAY, Elizabethf13PA 
36B3617RIDGWAY, Annf10PA 
36B3717RIDGWAY, Georgem4PA 
36B3817SEAMAN, Mariaf24PA 
36B3917SHULZE, John Am25PA 
36B4017FINCH, Rebecca Jf40PA 
36B4117STODENBERG, Margaretf30NY 
36B4217BRINK, Uriah Rm26? 

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