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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Pike County in the state of Pennsylvania
Lehman Township

Page 16

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
16A11BRODHEAD, Garetm56PA 
16A21BRODHEAD, Corneliaf52PA 
16A31FUTZINGER, Edmond Fm21PA 
16A41COLLINS, Sally Af23PA 
16A51BRODHEAD, Richard Mm10PA 
16A61HARRIS, Henrym34NJ 
16A72HORNBECK, Danielm51NJ 
16A82HORNBECK, Janef79NY 
16A92HORNBECK, Leahf45PA 
16A102EVERETT, Francism22PA 
16A113MIDDAUGH, Albert Bm23PA 
16A123MIDDAUGH, Hannahf21PA 
16A133HORNBECK, Janef37PA 
16A144LINDERMAN, John Jm57NY 
16A154LINDERMAN, Rachaelf43PA 
16A164LINDERMAN, Hannahf27PA 
16A174LINDERMAN, Henrym24PA 
16A184LINDERMAN, Sarah Mf22PA 
16A194LINDERMAN, Garet Bm19PA 
16A204LINDERMAN, Albert Bm18PA 
16A214LINDERMAN, Bethshebaf14PA 
16A224LINDERMAN, Iramiaf7PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
16A234MECCA, Sarahf14PA 
16A244LEONARD, Johnm14PA 
16A255BERGSTREPER, Aaronm36PA 
16A265BERGSTREPER, Elizabethf34PA 
16A275BERGSTREPER, Emilyf11PA 
16A285BERGSTREPER, Andrew Jm8PA 
16A295BERGSTREPER, Corneliaf6PA 
16A305BERGSTREPER, George Wm3PA 
16A315BERGSTREPER, Albertm7/12PA 
16A325MADISON, Jamesm14PA 
16A336PITTS, Robertm35NY 
16A346PITTS, Hannahf36PA 
16A356NYE, Elizabethf73PA 
16A366DOWNING, Ellenf18Ireland 
16A377WARNER, Jacobm23NJ 
16A387WARNER, Mary Af21England 
16A397WARNER, Harriet Hf2/12PA 
16A408DECKER, Peterm40NJ 
16A418DECKER, Margaretf40NJ 
16A428DECKER, Maryf20NJ 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
16B18DECKER, Solchem18NJ 
16B28DECKER, Angelinef15NJ 
16B38DECKER, Johnm11PA 
16B48DECKER, Hannahf9PA 
16B58DECKER, Belindaf6PA 
16B68DECKER, Malvinaf4PA 
16B78DECKER, Georgem4/12PA 
16B89MILLER, Josephm28NJ 
16B99MILLER, Maryf28Ireland 
16B1010BRODHEAD, Andrewm28PA 
16B1110BRODHEAD, Opheliaf28PA 
16B1210BRODHEAD, Calvin Em3PA 
16B1310BRODHEAD, Garretm2PA 
16B1410BRODHEAD, John Rm11/12PA 
16B1510NEWMAN, Corneliaf84NJ 
16B1610MEIRS, Francism13Germany 
16B1710SHAFER, Jacobm16PA 
16B1811PITMAN, Jeremiahm30PA 
16B1911PITMAN, Sarahf27NJ 
16B2011PITMAN, Albert Jm4PA 
16B2111PITMAN, Phebe Jf2PA 
16B2211PITMAN, Marcia Ef2/12PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
16B2312BRODHEAD, Albert Gm51PA 
16B2412BRODHEAD, Eleanorf42NJ 
16B2512MIDDAUGH, Janef20PA 
16B2612MIDDAUGH, Eliza Af16PA 
16B2712BENSON, George Wm25PA 
16B2813LARBAR, John Am68PA 
16B2913LARBAR, Margaretf60PA 
16B3013LARBAR, Peterm20PA 
16B3113LARBAR, Johnm19PA 
16B3213LARBAR, Leanderm13PA 
16B3314VANGORDEN, Jamesm62PA 
16B3414VANGORDEN, Sarahf57PA 
16B3514VANGORDEN, Mosesm25PA 
16B3614VANGORDEN, Eleanorf19PA 
16B3714VANGORDEN, Berthaf16PA 
16B3815VANGORDEN, Mosesm47PA 
16B3915VANGORDEN, Charlottef48PA 
16B4015VANGORDEN, Elizabethf13PA 
16B4115VANGORDEN, Randlem11PA 
16B4215VANGORDEN, Thomas Nm10PA 

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