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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Pike County in the state of Pennsylvania
Green Township

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HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
1A11SIMONS, Jamesm65Ireland 
1A21SIMONS, Annf58MA 
1A31SIMONS, Jabezm24PA 
1A41SIMONS, Thomasm22PA 
1A51SIMONS, Elizabethf21PA 
1A61SIMONS, Frances Af17PA 
1A71SIMONS, Jamesm14PA 
1A81SIMONS, Samuelm12PA 
1A91SIMONS, Maryf8PA 
1A102BORTREE, Robertm45PA 
1A112BORTREE, Emeliaf38MA 
1A122BORTREE, Robert Lm14PA 
1A132BORTREE, Ann Sf12PA 
1A142BORTREE, James Mm10PA 
1A152BORTREE, George Cm8PA 
1A162BORTREE, Charlotte Ef6PA 
1A172BORTREE, Hannah Mf2PA 
1A183JONES, Erastusm35MA 
1A193JONES, Catherinef31NJ 
1A203JONES, Franklinm9PA 
1A213JONES, Henrym7PA 
1A223JONES, Georgem3PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
1A233JONES, John Lm3/12PA 
1A243JONES, Susannaf5PA 
1A253CAMPLE, Martinm26Germany 
1A263CAMPLE, Michaelm22Germany 
1A273WITEGROVE, Elizaf26PA 
1A284HAZELTON, Johnm35Ireland 
1A294HAZELTON, Margaretf29PA 
1A304HAZELTON, Robert Bm10PA 
1A314HAZELTON, Sarah Ef8PA 
1A324HAZELTON, Charlotte Jf5PA 
1A334HAZELTON, Mary Af3PA 
1A344HAZELTON, Charles Fm2/12PA 
1A355FOLCOR, Saml Ashtonm22PA 
1A365FOLCOR, Mary Ann Ashtonf31PA 
1A375FOLCOR, Harriet Wf8PA 
1A386SIMONS, Abrahamm28PA 
1A396SIMONS, Mary Jf24PA 
1A406COWLES, Josephm10PA 
1A417ERGOOD, Williamm44PA 
1A427ERGOOD, Maryf34PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
1B17ERGOOD, Eliza janef22PA 
1B27ERGOOD, Jacobm21PA 
1B37ERGOOD, Angelinef19PA 
1B47ERGOOD, Emilyf16PA 
1B57ERGOOD, H****m14PA 
1B67ERGOOD, Mosesm15PA 
1B77ERGOOD, Williamm8PA 
1B87ERGOOD, Emelinef7PA 
1B97ERGOOD, Ellen Mf2PA 
1B107ERGOOD, Harriettf2/12PA 
1B118CROFT, Robert Gm42PA 
1B128CROFT, Charlottef45PA 
1B138CROFT, Elizabethf18PA 
1B148CROFT, Martha Mf13PA 
1B158CROFT, Samuelm14PA 
1B168CROFT, Mary Ef12PA 
1B178CROFT, Matilda Gf10PA 
1B188CROFT, Sarah Mf8PA 
1B198CROFT, Harriet Ef4PA 
1B208CROFT, George W Fm3PA 
1B218CROFT, Ester Alicef2/12PA 
1B229ROBERTSON, Sarahf45Ireland 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
1B249ROBERTSON, Hennehf17PA 
1B259ROBERTSON, Rachelf15PA 
1B269ROBERTSON, Sarah Mf13PA 
1B279ROBERTSON, John Wm10PA 
1B289ROBERTSON, Susannaf9PA 
1B299ROBERTSON, Terressiaf2PA 
1B3010BARTLESON, Thomasm57PA 
1B3110BARTLESON, Hannahf57CT 
1B3210BARTLESON, Johnm30PA 
1B3310BARTLESON, Philenaf28PA 
1B3410BARTLESON, Charles Hm9PA 
1B3510BARTLESON, Sarah Af6PA 
1B3610BARTLESON, Thomasm4PA 
1B3710BARTLESON, Susannaf2PA 
1B3810BARTLESON, Elizaf10/12PA 
1B3911BAILEY, Jamesm49NY 
1B4011BAILEY, Christianf51Scotland 
1B4111BAILEY, Jamesm23Ireland 
1B4211BAILEY, Marianf22Ireland 

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